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UPDATE:  06/02/2018

You can find more detailed information about the Tiny Stars (yes, there are multiple Tiny Stars) on the TINY STAR page. On that page, we discussed the need to seek and find 1,000 INTERCESSORS to pray about the second Tiny Star. We also discussed the interrelationship between the second Tiny Star, the 1,000 intercessors, and the publication of the books, Jesus, His Angel, and Me (Vol. 1) and Jesus His Angel & ME (Vol. 2): In The Spirit.

Here is where things stand now: the failure of Christian leaders to respond and pray by the deadline of 11/28/2003 loosed tw0 (2) Tiny Stars. The FIRST TINY STAR CANNOT be stopped. But, the SECOND TINY STAR CAN be stopped.

Make no mistake here: the second Tiny Star (the shattered asteroid which will hit the earth like a shotgun blast) is now inevitable. It is on the way! The second Tiny Star is behind the first Tiny Star. The second Tiny Star is that dull white ball that Jesus showed us. Unlike the first Tiny Star, the second Tiny Star can be stopped when Jesus moves us to find the 1,000 Christian intercessors who are willing to pray for three months to prevent it from hitting the earth. If we do not find the 1,000 prayer warriors, then the second Tiny Star will slam into the earth and cause catastrophic destruction world-wide.

Seeking and finding the 1,000 intercessors required to pray about the second Tiny Star is wholly intertwined with the publication of the series of books until the title, Jesus, His, Angel, and Me. We do not know if or when Jesus might lead us to seek out the 1,000 intercessors.  To date, JESUS HAS NOT YET SENT US out to find the 1,000 intercessors. 

When Jesus does direct us to publish the book and to find the 1,000 intercessors, we will alert you with updates on this page.

God Bless, Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt

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