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Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt

THE 3-DAY & 3-NIGHT WALK (Sept. 9, 1976 to Sept. 11, 1976): In 1976, Jesus asked me (Chuck-JOHNEL) and another brother in Christ (Cliff) to cut A STAFF from a local woods and then to go on foot (WALKING) three days and three nights through Chicago, Illinois. We were to begin this walk at the doors of Trinity Lutheran Church in Des Plaines, Illinois (just north of Chicago) and continue on to walk through the city of Chicago. We were to end this walk where we began it at Trinity Lutheran Church.

THE 30-DAY  JOURNEY  (March 10, 1977 to April 8, 1977): Jesus called us (that is, myself, Chuck-JOHNEL, and another brother in Christ, Cliff ) to undertake a journey of 30 days, WALKING  from Trinity Lutheran Church, in Des Plaines, Illinois to Washington, D.C. The 30-Day Journey had these purposes: (1) to warn the Church in America of coming judgment with a call to repent and to pray; (2) to anoint a man that Jesus referred to as the "Leader of the Land” (one who would lead a revolt against and overthrow the occupying armies to free America at the end of 7 years of occupation); and (3) to give then President Carter Jesus’ Word. We undertook The 30-Day Journey on foot with the Staff starting on March 10, 1977 from Trinity Lutheran Church in Des Plaines, Illinois. We completed The Thirty Day Journey in Washington, D.C. on April 8, 1977.

AFTER THE THIRTY-DAY JOURNEY (Judgement “Events”, (Jesus’ Word & Revelation of April 21, 1977): Although the actual WALKING part of the 30-Day Journey came to an end on April 8, 1977, Jesus had much more to tell me and to reveal to me. On April 21, 1977, after morning prayers, the Lord Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, began to speak to me. After awhile, I was led to pray and read the Bible. After that, I was led by the Holy Spirit to LISTEN TO THE LORD.  As I listened, I noticed that Jesus spoke to me in a gentle, loving voice. He told me to make notes as He spoke to me. So, I got some paper and a pen. Then, I settled down and began writing, just as the Lord Jesus spoke to my heart. This section details what the Lord shewed me that day.

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The Lord Jesus twice called upon me to quite literally WALK WITH AND FOR HIM. This section consists of three documents that detail TWO WALKS (the 3-Day & 3-Night Walk through Chicago, Illinois and the 30-Day Journey to Washington, D.C.) plus the revelation of judgment “EVENTS” given by Jesus close on the heels of the 30-Day Journey. 

All three documents in this section concern JUDGMENT ON AMERICA.

Brief descriptions of the three documents are provided on the left-hand pane of this page.

You can navigate between the full text of the three documents by clicking on the clickable navigation links (below). You can read these in any order, but I suggest reading them in the order listed.

God Bless, Chuck-JOHNEL.

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Walking with Jesus

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PART 2: THE 3-DAY & 3-NIGHT WALK THROUGH CHICAGO (Sept. 9 to Sept. 11, 1976)

PART 3: THE 30-DAY JOURNEY TO WASHINGTON, D.C. (Mar. 10 to Apr. 8, 1977)

PART 4: AFTER THE 30-DAY JOURNEY (Judgment "Events" Word of Apr. 21, 1977) 
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